12 Must-Have Remote Work Tools

The Purpose of Remote Work Tools

Greater Productivity

Better Team Morale

12 Remote Work Tools


1. Slack

2. Highfive

3. Microsoft Teams

4. CloudApp

Project Management

5. Trello

  1. First, a Trello Board named “Company Blog” is created.
  2. Next, Lists representing each stage of the blog creation process are added to the “Company Blog” Board. The first List is named “Ideas,” the second “Writing,” the third “Editing,” and the fourth “Published.”
  3. Then, Cards are created. Each one represents a different blog post idea, the name of the remote team member who is supposed to write it, and a suggested due date.
  4. Finally, as blog post ideas are chosen and worked on, the cards that represent them are moved from List to List until they are completed.

6. Asana

7. Todoist

File Sharing

8. G Suite

9. DropBox


10. Zapier

11. Toggl

  1. Hourly Workers: If you’re paid hourly rather than on salary, Toggl’s time tracking software is the easiest way to make sure every minute you work is accurately logged.
  2. Productivity Seekers: Perhaps you’re just looking for a way to get more done in less time. Toggle can help! By tracking the time you spend on work related activities, you’ll be able to see where you can improve your time management skills the most.

12. Timezone.io

Boost Productivity and Team Morale With Remote Work Tools



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