Video is the way of the future, and screen recording is on the rise. From crazy cat videos on YouTube to in-depth training on tutorial software sold by mega corporations, our society just can’t get enough of those moving pictures. But video is more than just an entertainment option or revenue channel. It can also assist you in your daily workflow and turn you into a productivity machine at work!

The eight video recording software mentioned below will help you communicate quicker, increasing the amount of work you can get done on any given day. Does that sound like something…

Where do you go to find your prospects and attract them to your business?

Social media.

But to do social media marketing right, you have to follow a set of strategies that work for this unique medium, and these strategies may change depending on the social media platform you use.

We’ll help you decide on what social media channels you should consider and what strategies you should use for them.

But let’s start by defining exactly what social media marketing is.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing your business can do.

Social media…

When you’re interviewing an applicant for a position in your company, you’re not just looking to see if they can perform their job duties — that’s the bare minimum.

You’re also seeing if they will fit into your company culture.

If they’ll “gel” with your other employees.

And if they’re motivated enough to work without much supervision.

These personality traits along with other soft skills are usually discovered through rounds of in-person, face-to-face interviews.

Can you replicate this process when hiring remotely?

It’s not quite the same, but you can still fill needed positions with talented people even if you…

This is an unusual time for extroverts in the workforce. Instead of being surrounded by peers, you are most likely trapped in your home with no coworkers around. This is a new problem to navigate, so we have provided a guide below to help extroverts like yourself adapt to remote work.

Just because you’re stuck inside your house doesn’t mean you have to eat completely alone. Schedule a lunch with coworkers, friends, or family to get some social time while refueling. You may discover that your lunch buddies are also struggling with remote work and can exchange some tips! If…

Remote working has exploded in popularity over the past few years. This is great if you value freedom and are self-motivated, but the downside is remote work loneliness. In the beginning, it’s easier to avoid loneliness while working from home, but as time goes on having tips for remote workers to avoid loneliness will go a long way. Not only can it improve your productivity, it can also help avoid burnout from remote work and ensure you enjoy a long, healthy career as a remote worker.

As a remote worker, I’ve found staying mindful of remote work loneliness is key…

3,000 employees across 8 nations were polled by the Workforce Institute at Kronos and they found that more than half of full-time workers thought they could do their job in five hours a day if they didn’t have any interruptions.

This small sample points to a growing, global trend of employees and employers sympathizing with the idea of shorter working days, and perhaps, shorter working weeks.

In other words:

Companies are beginning to see the desire (and maybe the need) for a 4-day workweek.

We’ll show you the benefits and drawbacks of a 4-day workweek, examples of companies who have…

The rise of remote work in recent years has been nothing short of astounding. Per our latest State of Collaboration report, 57% of Gen Zers, half of Millennials, and even 46% of Gen Xers work remotely at least once a week.

Here’s the thing: this trend isn’t going to change any time soon. In fact, it will probably continue to become more prevalent.

With that in mind, this article will teach you how to build a customer support team that works remotely. It will also show you how to manage said team to enable better customer service. Sound interesting? …

Remote work is on the rise.

In our State of Collaboration report, we found that 57% of Gen Zers, 50% of Millennials, and even 46% of Gen Xers work from home at least once a week. And one in four office workers claim to work from home half of the time, if not more.

As remote work grows in popularity, the need for remote work tools becomes more apparent. How can your team maintain communication, manage projects effectively, and share work quickly when each staffer is located in a different timezone?

The answer is remote work tools.

In this article…

Digital transformation has been a buzz word for a long time. I saw it first hand during my time at Adobe as we hit the narrative of the need for businesses to shift strategies to the mobile/cross-device consumer. It’s all well and good for marketers, sales folks, designers, and executives to pound on this, but it’s the infrastructure owners who are on the front lines.

This was one of the themes from the VMware vForum online conference on October 16th (available on demand). I wasn’t able to make it to VMworld this year, so was excited to be able to…

It’s hard to believe but the holiday season is just around the corner! Before you know it, you’ll be cutting the turkey and wrapping gifts to place under the tree. The holidays are a wonderful time of year but if you’re like most people, you struggle to unplug from work during them.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll show you why unplugging is so essential and how to mentally disconnect from work while you’re outside the office. Ready? Let’s get started!

The Importance of Unplugging From Work

Before we teach you how to mentally disconnect from work, let’s talk about why…

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