How to Create a Buyer Persona for B2B Marketing

Creating a Buyer Persona in B2B

Step 1: Picking Buyer Attributes

  • Demographics: What is their age, location, and company/industry?
  • Career:How long have they been working in the industry, what is their buying power, and what needs to happen in order to make buying decisions?
  • Lifestyle: What are their major work responsibilities and activities?
  • Media: Where do they go for trusted sources of information and networking: conferences, forums, and/or business social media?
  • Motivations/Objectives/Goals: What drives their buying decisions, and what business goals do they have?
  • Brands: What brands or products do they use already at their company? What do they like/dislike about those products?
  • Pain Points/Frustrations/Challenges: What problems do they have that they need help solving? What challenges do they have trying to meet their business goals/objectives?
  • Objections: What are frustrations they’ve had with related products or services (or with yours)?

Step 2: Research Buyers

3. Creating the Buyer Personas

  • Design visually-appealing, stand-out personas
  • Securely save your persona to the cloud so they are accessible to your team
  • Share your personas by embedding or linking content through Slack channels or emails
  • Annotate images to highlight important attributes of each persona when building your marketing campaigns

Adapt Your Marketing Strategies for Your Buyer Personas

  • Create eye-catching visual content to capture your audience’s attention
  • Optimize campaign workflows by using screenshots, GIFs, and videos to deliver feedback, as well as share campaign performance and lead generations
  • Find your content quickly with the Visual Search feature




Dad, Husband, and reformed ski bum. VP of Content and Digital Scorpion, Former CMO of CloudApp and Marketing Lead for Adobe.

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Joe Martin

Joe Martin

Dad, Husband, and reformed ski bum. VP of Content and Digital Scorpion, Former CMO of CloudApp and Marketing Lead for Adobe.

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