How to Grow a Business: 15 Strategies to Start Using Now

1. Research the Market

  • Whether there are enough potential customers
  • Who your ideal customers are
  • Where they’re located
  • How much they are willing to pay for your product or service

2. Analyze Your Product

  • What does your product do?
  • How does it help your customers?
  • How does it compare with competitors?
  • Why should someone choose yours over theirs?

3. Perform a Competitor Analysis

4. Build a Customized Sales Funnel

5. Employ a CRM System

6. Grow Your List

  • Offer a freebie, something so good that people will be willing to give up their email address for it.
  • Write a guest post to get in front of new audiences and also gain authority by being featured on other blogs.
  • Write articles for high-traffic sites like Medium and LinkedIn Pulse — ending with a link back to your sign-up page, of course.

7. Establish a Customer Loyalty System

8. Look for Partners

9. License Related Products or Services

10. Diversify Your Product Offerings

11. Automate Everything That Makes Sense

12. Hire New, Specialized People to Help You

13. Improve Your Customer Service Offerings

14. Develop Passive Income Sources

  • Expanding into new products or services
  • Creating and selling informational products
  • Selling physical products online

15. Become a Thought Leader in Your Field

Growing Your Business Is Exciting



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Joe Martin

Joe Martin

Dad, Husband, and reformed ski bum. VP of Content and Digital Scorpion, Former CMO of CloudApp and Marketing Lead for Adobe.